This website is brought to you by DesignCanada.ca on behalf of the vendors of the Guelph Farmers’ Market. Our market vendors include local farmers, dairies, artisans and producers. In the winter our vendors number about 60, but during the summer, the numbers expand to over 120.

Guelph Farmers Market CourtyardHave you ever been downtown on Saturday mornings and watched the large number of people carrying grocery bags, bags of apples and flowers to their cars? This, plus the smiles on their faces is a dead giveaway that they’ve been shopping at the Guelph Farmers’ Market. If you haven’t had this experience yet – book yourself a Saturday morning to come and have some fun. Guelph is extremely lucky to have a dedicated market building, maintained and administered by the City of Guelph. The market opens Saturday mornings from 7:00 a.m. to 12 noon year round. In the summer, the market spills outside into the colourful, vibrant, flower-filled courtyard.

The farmers’ market is a unique place to visit if you are in the Guelph area. What you’ll discover is a place with a real community feeling where you can bring the whole family and get your weekly grocery shopping done at the same time!! There’s something for everyone! Children and adults alike gather around the old-fashioned doughnut making machine, and in the cafe area, people meet to enjoy breakfast in the company of friends and neighbours.Guelph Farmers Market Flowers

Our vendors are proud of the foods they offer, and because their customers are their own families, friends and neighbours, they ensure extremely high quality products and reasonable prices. As a centre for the purchase of such local fresh produce and other foods, the market has a long and community oriented history.

During recent years the market has expanded its selection of food products which now includes a wide variety of organic, health and slow food products. If you are one of the growing number of people who want the best nutrition possible – drop in on our local farmers’ market. You just can’t beat fresh locally grown products. The short travel distance from our fields and farms to your table, ensures high nutritional quality.



Excellent Meats at the Guelph Farmers MarketOUR FOOD – For an excellent selection of fruit and vegetables visit our farmers’ market. There’s nothing like cracking a fresh Omega egg into your fry pan, except the incomparable taste of eating it. Check out our fabulous cheese selections available from both local farmers and dairies, which range from the old favourites to new gourmet cheeses and specialty yogurts and kefir. Naturally raised meats and a variety of fish are available, together with a large selection of traditional meat cuts and deli favourites.

Bread at the Guelph Farmers Market

IN A HURRY DURING THE WEEK – Pick up a selection of our prepared foods. Cooked especially for you and your family by experienced local chefs. Foods are available for every palette and taste, including some ethnic and vegetarian foods. Traditional foods such as honey and maple syrup are also available. Home-made desserts and pies are ready for your table and there is a large selection of fresh bread and buns.

Homemade Donuts at the Guelph Farmers Market


GIFTS – Want to purchase a hand-made and interesting present for a birthday, Christmas gift or just to say you care – look for it at the farmers’ market! Our localartisans bring in a wide variety of quality hand-made and unusual gifts, including jewellery, stained glass, garden art, pottery and clothing. Local photographers show a selection of photo art cards and photo wall art.

Crafts at the Guelph Farmers Market

– Brighten up the homes of your friends and relatives by purchasing a plant or fresh cut flowers, they are available all year round but will exceed your expections in the summer. Fresh cut flowers range from the simplicity of spring tulips to the sophistication of roses or orchids.Product display at the Guelph Farmers Market


Whether you have lived in Guelph all your life or are new to the area, if you want to enjoy our city to the full, come to the Guelph Farmers’ Market. The market building is located at 2 Gordon Street, at the intersection of Gordon and Waterloo Streets. You can visit the stores and supermarkets any time, but you can only visit our market on Saturday mornings between 7:00 a.m. and 12 noon.

Make Saturday mornings special for you and your family. Our vendors believe in this market and get up as early as 2 or 3 a.m. just to bring their prized goods to market, just as the farmers did in the 1800’s. Updated vehicles of course! Our market is about produce, but it is also about people and community, all of which come together on Saturday mornings allowing Guelphites to smile and greet friends and neighbours while obtaining some of the healthiest and most delicious food available.


Written for the original Guelph Farmers’ Market Website by Pauline Creedy  and edited by Jacqueline Johnson.